Manuel Garzaron

Assistanships at Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Emprending - School of Engineering, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Academia BAE - Buenos Aires City Government

In the search of being close to new projects and ideas to be taken to reality, I actively and constantly participate in workshops and courses made to help entrepreneurs take their first steps in their ventures.

For instance, when back from Domus Academy and while I was starting Tincho & Lola, I joined EmprendING as a project mentor and design thinking workshops facilitator. EmprendING (which formal name is Entrepreneurships in Engineering) is a class initially thought to introduce engineering students to the world of entrepreneurships. Within this frame I took part as a mentor for projects, helping them on a weekly basis with an outside view, and adding structure and creativity to their development. I also gave workshops of Design Thinking, Business Model Generation and Idea Generation.

Also, I was invited by the city government of Buenos Aires to work as a facilitator in charge of several groups of entrepreneurs who took a course called Academia Buenos Aires Emprende (Buenos Aires Entrepreneur Academy). The two-months course consisted on 8 encounters in which we guided groups of 20 or 30 entrepreneurs from Buenos Aires through a content specially assembled for the course. The content included different thematics, such as Discovery of Business Opportunities, Design Thinking (of which I was one of the thematic referents), Business Models, Lean Startup and Pitching.

As part of Academia Buenos Aires Emprende, and together with other colleagues we were asked to assemble a Design Thinking online video toolkit that could help as a reference for participants and entrepreneurs from all around Argentina.